December 15, 2005

Socialist greed

Socialists are greedy. They don't like to help people in need. They claim they do, and try to get the government to look like it is helping people (which it does very badly) using other peoples money. But actual, personal, hand-in-the-wallet giving? No.

For proof I give the 2005 Generosity Index, colour coded by political party by the Pirate's Blog list of the most generous states. The bottom 5 are all socialist leaning (Democrat), the top 5 are all liberal leaning (Republican) with a quite clear spilt between the two parties.


Blogger Neil Harding said...

The richer you are, the larger amount you can register for tax allowed giving, that's all this proves.

If 40% of my income is taken in tax and I give 2% to charity, that is better for the poor than;

20% of my income going in tax and giving 10%. If low tax was good for the poor, we wouldn't have had the explosion of begging and homelessness under Thatcher.

9:45 pm  
Blogger chris said...

Assume an income of £20000

40% tax leaves £12000 left to give. Giving 2% means charity ends up with £240

20% tax gives £16000 left to give. Giving 10% of this means charity ends up with £1600

1600 is more than 240. So 40% tax and 2% charity is worse (in this case six times worse) than 20% tax and 10% giving.

1:49 pm  
Blogger chris said...

Exactly, anybody can be generous with other peoples money. True generosity is when you are generous with your own money, especially if you do not have much to begin with.

8:34 am  

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